16mm film Frame 24 suppliers UK

I have just come across a company that supplies 16mm Kodak film in the UK.

16mm film

The company is called Frame 24. They sell 16mm process paid stock. These come in two options of 100ft or 400ft lengths.

Packages Include.

Details taken from their website.

1 x 100ft roll of Vision3 Negative

Negative Developing

Ultra Sonic Clean & Prep For TK

Best Light Transfer to Industry Standard HD Edit Formats. (Apple Pro Res, or Avid Media compatible MXF files)

Transfer to FTP Site*, Disk or Hard Drive (hard drive not supplied by Lab, product can be purchased below).

Post Production can be either done through Cinelab or idailies in the UK.​

16mm film supplied is Vision 3 50d, Vision3 200T, Vision3 500T.

On the 400ft film options you can also purchase Kodak 16mm film Vision3 250D.

All prices Include process paid.

As well as providing 16mm film they also supply 35mm kodak film. These come in 400ft and 1000ft lengths.

As you probably know we provide a 16mm film to DVD and digital HD video scanning service for 16mm film. The HD video formats we supply for computer editing, Include Apple Pro Res, MPEG4, H.264 and AVI for PC video editing.

If you are looking to shoot your next film on film. Then 16mm produces a truly unique cinematic image.

Guy Richie. Shot Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels on 16mm film. It was later blown up to 35mm film for cinema release. Many budding film makers started out on 16mm film. Although HD video has now come of age. Many film makers, including myself still prefer the organic look and grain of film.

Arri film cameras are considered one of the best 16mm film cameras available today. Look for a second hand camera and start making films.

Link to Frame 24 for film stock supplies. http://www.frame24ltd.co.uk/