2016 New Year old video and film memories

2016 New year.

2016 new year

Its only a matter of days now until the 2016 New Year.

Here at Video Image Productions. We are looking forward to the 2016 and adding more services to preserve your old memories.

I am sure that 2016 new year will bring more technological advances. 4K video is already making big waves. With more 4K televisions being sold in 2015 than ever before. Streaming video services such as Netflix are already providing 4K progames.

2016 New year.

Old to New.

Now is a great time to transfer your old media memories to the latest digital formats. We can transfer your old 35mm slides to your AppleĀ iPads, and Android tablets. If you have an Apple TV we can also convert your 8mm and 16mm cine film to be shown on that device.

Video tapes to DVD.

Not only do we provide a video tape to DVD service. We can transfer your old VHS, Video 8, VHS-C, tapes to digital files for computer editing at home.

Again why not have us transfer your video tapes to USB flash drives or external hard drives.

seaford tv

Seaford TV. Video Image Productions have recently launched a local Online TV station. The concept behind this TV station is to provide Local Video coverage for events and newsworthy items in and around the Seaford area. Seaford TV has already covered 2 events and are taking booking for 2016 the new year. The service is free of charge to Local clients. We just provide a shot video. Comprising of a video Interview and clips from the show or news event. All video is shot at Broadcast standard of 50 Mega Bits per second 1080p.

Note on our reel to reel to CD service. In response to high demand for our audio tape top Digital transfer. We now have two Ferrograph open reel machines to provide a faster turnaround for this service.