16mm film transfer to AVI format

16mm film transfer.

16mm Film transfer

We are at present in the process of transferring a large amount of 16mm film to digital AVI format.

With reels ranging from 100ft to 1200ft the job will take up a large amount of hard disc space.


We have bought in an external 1 terabyte hard disc drive for storing the 16mm film transfer.

The 16mm film comes in 3 flavours.

  1. Sound.
  2.  Black and white.
  3. Colour.


The 16mm film transfer. Each frame is scanned in real real time to our PC work station. Capture is via Black Magic Design hard ware and software.


All film will be cleaned before scanning for ultimate picture clarity.

For more Information please visit our website. www.videoimageprod.co.uk