Fuji single 8mm cine film transfer to digital

Fuji single 8mm cine film transfer.

Fuji single 8mm cine film transfer

Video Image Productions are transferring Fuji single 8mm cine film. This 8mm cine film format was very similar to Kodak 8mm film.

About Fuji single 8.

This Fuji single 8mm cine film is a polyester based film stock. The  pressure plate was built into the movie camera. Unlike the kodak system which had a plastic pressure plate in the film cartridge. The Fuji pressure plate was metal not plastic. This resulted in the film being held much more securely against the shutter on the Fuji system.

Fuji single 8mm cine film transfer. Personal pickup and delivery.

Areas covered Include. Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and a postal service for the rest of the UK.

The Fuji cine films were picked up personally by us at Brighton University. Turnaround time at present for Fuji single 8mm cine film  and Kodak film is approximately 2 weeks from pickup or delivery.

For this particular job the customer wanted the cine film transferred to digital AVI files for the PC computer platform. This allows the customer to edit the footage with software like Adobe premier or Sony Vegas.

Other options for your Fuji single 8 cine film transfer.

You can also upload the footage to Youtube or send the edited footage to friends and relatives over the Internet. Or we can

Storage Media.

The customer provided us with a Samsung Micro SD 64 gigabyte card for storing the AVI files from the Fuji single 8 cine film transfer to digital job.

Other formats we transfer and services we provide.

As well as converting cine film we also transfer audio tapes to CD and digital and video tapes to digital and DVD. 35mm slides scanning to DVD and digital computer formats JPEG TIFF. Video Editing for all video formats from SD to HD and 4K video.

Cine convert to hard drive and USB stick

Cine convert to hard drive.


cine convert to hard drive

Let Video Image Productions provide a cine convert to hard drive or USB memory stick service.

If you want your 8mm and 16mm cine film transferred to a digital video format, then you will need media storage for those files.

Hard drive. You can supply an external hard drive or memory stick. Alternatively we can buy this media in for you.

Cine film transfer AVI video files.

Cine film transfer AVI.

cine film transfer avi


Transfer your old 8mm and 16mm cine film to AVI video formats. We can supply the finished AVI files to USB flash drives. External hard drives or deliver the video files over the Internet to your computer devices.

USB flash drive

At present we are providing a cine film to AVI service onto a USB flash drive, that the customer provided. However we can supply USB and external hard drives for you.