digital super 8 cartridge

I have just come across a company that is looking to produce a Digital Super 8 cartridge that houses a 5 Mega Pixel digital camera. The video is captured to an SD card and will be able to work in any normal Super 8 camera.

Information from there site

Give new life to your Super 8 camera with the Nolab Digital Super 8 Cartridge. Shoot 720p HD video with any Super 8 camera.

Avoid all of the hassles associated with film.

  • Footage limited only by SD card size
  • No film processing time or costs
  • No telecine transfer time or costs
  • Direct import into editing application

To my mind the success of this digital Super 8 cartridge will be in the final Image quality. I find it hard to believe that digital can match the look and feel of the original Kodak super 8 film.

For more information about the digital super 8 cartridge. See link below super 8 cartridge