Eastbourne Audio tape to digital.

Audio tape to digital. Eastbourne.

Audio tape conversion to digital Eastbourne

Looking for a Reel to reel audio tape conversion in Eastbourne? Reel to reel tape is prone to what’s known as sticky shed syndrome. This means that damp has got into the reel to reel audio tape. This syndrome can sometimes be corrected by by baking the audio tape is a oven designed for this purpose.

Rather than waiting for this damage to happen let us convert your old audio tape to Digital formats.

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Convert your old reel to reel tape now!

Let us transfer your reel to reel tape using our Ferrograph open reel tape deck. This deck is one of the finest machines ever built so the audio quality is going to be the best that can be achieved from your audio tape.

Audio conversion.

Our reel to reel audio tape transfers are digitised through state of the art hardware. All Interconnects are made by Chord for preserving the audio Information of your tapes. We can convert audio tape to PC or Apple Mac digital audio formats. MP3, AIFF, .WAV.

Eastbourne Audio tape to digital. Digital storage options.

Options for digital storage Include USB flash drive CD, External hard drive and we also provide Transfer over the Internet via our cloud based service.

Reel to reel transfer to digital prices.

First 30 minutes of audio tape to CD or digital file formats £25.

After 30 mins the price comes down to £15 per hour of audio. This price Includes the CD. Or digital audio file formats.

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We also provide a cine film transfer service.

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