Film to DVD transfer services

Film to DVD transfer services.

Film to DVD transfer services

Its proving to be a busy month for our Film to DVD transfer services.

As well as the Film to DVD transfer services, we should also point out that we provide. A cine film to digital service for customers who want their cine films transferred to digital video files. For the Apple Mac and PC platform. This service allows the customer to edit their own films on computer. From editing your cine film you can burn them to DVD. Or BluRay, and upload to YouTube or Vimeo.

PC AVI. Files that we provide for the PC platform tend to be AVI. For Apple mac we use Pro Res.

Film to DVD transfer services turnaround time.

Our film to DVD transfer services turnaround at present for larger jobs is 2 weeks.

Film formats we deal with.

We currently transfer 3 different types of film.

8mm cine film (standard 8 and super 8 film).

16mm cine film (sound and silent).

Stills 35mm slide and negative film.

Present work load.

At present we are working on transferring 50 x 50ft reels (3 Inch diameter reel)

VHS tape transfer to DVD.

DVCAM video tape conversion to Apple Pro Res files.

Editing a documentary about the shipping Industry. In the North East of England during the 1960’s. This job involves transferring Betacam SP tape to digital video files. Adding a voice over, music and titles. This documentary is being produced for Des Cox of Snowbow productions.

Sound stripped super 8 film to Digital video files for the PC platform.

HDV TAPE transfer to Apple Mac computer for editing purposes.

1500 x 35mm slides to be transferred to a USB memory stick. scanned at 4500 DPI to the TIFF format.

Digital Betacam video tape conversion to Pro Res 444 compression for broadcast application. These archive tapes are to be used for a up coming television progame.