Kodak 100D super 8

Kodak 100D Super 8

Kodak 100D super 8 film




Still hoping that Kodak bring back Kodak 100D super 8 colour reversal film if anyone has any news on this please get back to me.

Kodak now only produce negative colour film stock such as Kodak 500T. and black and white Super 8 film stock.

Kodak 100D super 8 film in my opinion was the best Super 8 positive film stock ever produced. Because the cine film was daylight balance you had to select the opposite setting on your Super 8 movie camera for the Wratten filter setting.

Please note that the filter martial used was gelatine gel and after a certain time can break down. If you are concerned about this problem then use a screw in filter for your lens.

Correct settings for your movie camera filter.

When indoors select the outdoor setting on the filter thats built into your cine camera.

When outdoors select the indoors setting for your filter thats built into your cine camera.

Kodak 100D super 8 film displayed a rich colour balance and very fine grain it was especially suite to shooting outdoors in sunny weather.

Kodak 64T super 8








Kodak 64T film preceded 100D and shared similar colour properties but this film was set up for tungsten lighting shooting mainly indoors.

Kodak 500T is a negative film stock produced for tungsten lighting conditions.