Mini DV to DVD and digital video formats.

Mini DV to DVD.


We are currently in the process of transferring. Mini DVD to DVD. For a customer in Crawley in West Sussex.

Mini DV to DVD. Our process.

The machine used for transferring mini DV video tape is the Sony DSR-20. This is a professional Mini DV and DVCAM. Play back and record VCR.

The Sony has firewire output connections. This is then connected via firewire to our Apple or PC computers.

The advantage with this connection is that makes for a purely digital transfer of your Mini DV video tapes. With no loss of picture quality. The resulting video capture can be transferred to DVD or stored on external hard drives.

Formats for Mini DV tape capture.

DVD, AVI, MPEG 2, Apple pro res, DV.

Upscaling the picture.

Another service we provide is upscaling the Mini DV, SD (Standard definition) to 720p or 1080p. High definition video files. One point to remember when upscaling SD to HD. Nearly all mini DV camcorders recorded in 4:3 aspect ratio. So the picture needs to be stretched out to 16:9. Or black side bars added to the picture to maintain the 4:3 aspect ratio.


HDV. Utilised mini DV tapes but recorded onto the tapes using Mpeg2 High definition video. The most popular camcorder to use this system was the Sony Z1. This camera was the go to video camera. For broadcast HD video. Used for fly on the wall documentaries and news gathering.

HDV tape to Blu RAY or HD video formats.

For customers that have HDV video tapes we also transfer these tapes to Blu Ray or HD video files. For editing on Mac or PC video editing platforms. For Apple Mac users we find that Pros Res 422 is the best format for HD video editing. Mpeg 2 or Mpeg 4 for PC editing.