Super 8 film news

Super 8 film news:

We have just purchased a Canon 814-XLS Super 8 Cine film camera. These cine cameras where made from 1979 onwards to combat the emerging dominance of video. This Cine Camera is considered by many to be one the finest Super 8 cameras ever made.

super 8 film news

Canon 814_XLS technical information. This camera offers a sync-output connection allowing the user to set the exact film rate of this camera. Single frame, 9, 18, 24, and slow-motion 54fps are all available. The camera has a two speed electric zoom.You can also set the zoom to manual. The camera allows iris fades in either direction. Also, the variable shutter allows you to fade out the scene with the shutter instead of the aperture. Also featured are both 10 and 20 second self-filming modes and the interval meter offers settings of 1, 5, 20 and 60 seconds between exposures. Another great feature is the button that locks the aperture at your current setting. This is an important feature to maintaining a professional look to your films.

Within the next few weeks we will be testing this camera using Kodak 100D Cine film. Once the film has been processed we will Transfer the Cine Film to DVD and then post a streaming video example on this website.

Super 8 film news:

NOTE If you are thinking of buying a Super 8 camera please make sure that it can correctly auto expose Kodak 100D Cine Film.

We are in the process of writing a shooting script for a pop video. This will be a video of 2 half’s. Part of the video will be shot on Super 8mm film. This will create a 1970`s look, to bring to life the bands childhood. The other half will be shot on High Definition video to reflect the present day.

When recording sound separately for film or video you have to synchronize the sound to picture.

Pluraleyes software from Singular software is a very clever piece of software. It automatically synchronises the sound to picture within Final Cut Pro.

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Excellent online magazine for Super 8 film news. http://www.super8today.