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Super 8 Filming.

If you are looking to get into Super 8 filming life has just become a little
more difficult.
Kodak no longer make 100d colour reversal 8mm film. There is now a company called Wittner that can supply colour reversal film. The only negative side to this news it that the film will cost around 40 per 50ft reel. There are some UK companies that will process this film but I personally not used these companies. The film they use in the cartridge is ether Fuji velvia or Kodak 100D.
Kodak changed from standard 8mm film to the larger frame super8 format in the late sixties and the introduced super 8 sound film which used a thin magnetic strip down one side of the film for sound recording. This move was mainly bought in to combat the rise of video camcorders.
Kodak still make negative colour film stock but only a few telecine machine can scan negative stock. They do however still make black and white reversal film.
When scanning Super 8 filming for computer editing please remember that that HD scans are 16:9 native so you will end up with black bars on each side of the picture.
Once your cine is digitised there are many video editing computer programmes on the market which will enable you to edit your film.

super 8 filming
As regards to super 8 cameras I would recommend cameras that don’t use separate
batteries for the exposure meter, because these batteries are no longer available. The Canon 514 xl was one of the finest cine cameras ever made and you should expect to pay around 200 to 300 pounds for a good example of this Canon camera. There is however many video plug ins for video editing software to emulate the look of super 8 film but in my opinion
there is nothing to match the look and colour of film. I really hope that Kodak bring back colour reversal film in the near future. Everyone should be able to experience the joy of shooting film, there is a magic about hearing the sound of the film running through the camera and the excitement of seeing that processed film for the first time. My Company Video Image Productions is in the process of starting an online website supplying super 8, standard 8 and 16mm stock footage for the broadcast video market.
The clips will range from 16mm films of Paris in 1952 through to 1960s America including New York and San Franciso

It may well turn out in the future that us cine film lovers will have to shoot on 16mm cine film.

As well as shooting video, and providing cine film to DVD service. Video Image Productions shoot on Super 8 film. Super 8 film is making a come back. There is just something about the richness of the colours, and that retro filmlook that is just irresistible. No matter what software companies produce, to emulate 8mm film, there is still nothing like the real thing. Here at VIP we love to mix high definition video with Super 8 to create short films and corporate videos that look so different to the normal hum drum videos produced today. Super 8 filming.