Super 8 to DVD transfer

Super 8 to DVD transfer.

There is quite a choice of telecine scanners available on the market for super8 to dvd transfer.


Basic telecine unit.

Staring with the basic Hama type boxes that have a hole in one side of the box for the projector and another for the Video camcorder. Inside the box there is an angled mirror which transfers the cine film image to the camcorder.

Problems with these Super 8 to DVD transfer units.

To prevent flicker on the video transfer you need to use a projector with a variable speed. The operator needs vary the speed of the projector until the flicker disappears on the video picture.

The image will have a hot spot on the centre of the picture where the bulb is brighter.

If the film gets jammed in the transport mechanism  the heat from the projector bulb will burn you 8mm film in seconds.

The 8mm cine film will not be running at the correct speed



Our Super 8 to DVD transfer system

We utilise  a system built by Tobin Telecine which uses a diffused LED light source which produces virtually no heat to damage the cine film.

With an HD video pickup the image quality is extremely high.

Crystal synchronisation  the super 8 film is run at exactly the right speed to allow true frame by frame scanning and no frame blending.

Cine is captured through Black magic Design HDMI  video into computer.

DVD’ S are then burnt within the computer to Mpeg 2 at very high quality.

If you wish to stay in HD then we burn your cine film transfers to Blu Ray.

Video below showing our Super 8, Standard 8 and 16mm film scanners.