Transferring home movies to dvd

Transferring home movies to DVD.

Transferring home movies to DVD.

Transferring home movies to DVD. The digital world of video is fast moving. When I started this business in 1995. The main transfers for cine film 8mm and 16mm was to VHS tape.

Cine film transfer to Video.

VHS video tape was only 230 lines horizontal resolution. Compared to broadcast video of the day which for PAL countries such as the UK using 625 horizontal lines of resolution. After VHS. Came S-VHS which for the home user gave around 400 lines of resolution in a high band video tape format. S-VHS never really caught on as a replacement for standard VHS tapes.

Transferring home movies to DVD. This was the format which really transformed the home video market. Being a disc based format. With digital picture quality. The Digital Versatile Disc format really took off. To begin with DVD was very popular for the film rental market. Once the format had been in the market place for a while. Then the recordable DVD dropped in price.

Recordable DVD formats.

The 2 main recordable DVD formats where DVD-R and DVD+R. Much like the battle between VHS and Betamax. In the end DVD-R was the most popular for recording video.

For Video Image Productions the advent of DVD meant that we could provide a  much better service of Transferring home movies to DVD. Rather than VHS tape.

Now and the Future.

Although we still provide a Transferring home movies to DVD. service. We find that cine film transfer to digital video formats for the Mac and PC is becoming very popular. Storage solutions for cine to digital transfers.

These storage solutions tend to be USB flash drives and hard drives. USB flash drives are becoming faster and cheaper to buy. Our customers are also asking for. Online video transfer via we transfer and Drop Box online services.