VHS AVI transfer service

VHS AVI transfer service.

VHS AVI transfer

For customers who wish to edit there VHS video tapes on there home computer. We offer a VHS AVI transfer service.

Phase one.

The Machine.

All our VHS AVI transfers are carried out using professional VHS decks. These decks are not the same picture quality as domestic based machines. For one the transport mechanisms are far more stable than the domestic equivalent deck. They also have build’t in Time Base Correctors to stabilise the picture and colour of the transfer. Professional picture tracking is also build’t in.

The tape.

All VHS tapes are checked and fully wound in both directions. This helps eliminate any jamming during transfer.

The process.

All our VHS AVI transfers are fed from our professional tape decks into Black Magic Design hardware. These capture devices are of broadcast quality. By selecting the best capture codecs, we can then supply your video files as AVI.

Other video formats.

As well as AVI we can supply the following formats. MPEG-4, Quick Time, H.264, .mov, Apple Pro res MPEG-2.

Video editing.

Which ever video editing software you are using. we can supply the correct video format for your needs.

Common video editing software programmes.

Apple FCP X, iMovie, Adobe Premier CC, Sony Vegas, Avid.

Storage of your media.

External hard drive is the best option if you have more than 10 3 hour VHS tapes. Otherwise you can have them put onto Flash media drives. For smaller files sizes up to 4.7 gig. We can place your video files on data DVD’S. Pricing for this service is on our website.

If you require any assistance or advise about editing your VHS AVI transfer. Also if you havent purchased any video editing software and need advise. Please call us.

For more Information about VHS video tape and its history. Please follow the link below.