Flashscan telecine machines

Flashscan  telecine machines. Use a roller system for super 8 and 16mm film transport.


Flashscan telecine machine

I personally have never been too impressed with the Stand definition version of the flashscan telecine machine for cine film to dvd. Thee latest crop of Flashscan telecine machines from MWA of Germany seem to be an Improvement over there previous machines.

Flashscan telecine machines available today.

Flashscan HD. Pictured above. This is a small gauge film transfer system for Standard 8, super 8 and 9.5mm film.The camera used is HD 3CCD Broadcast unit.

Picture capture is via a PC with MWA own software, which controls the following functions.

Primary colour correction (Black, Gamma, Gain).
Six vector secondary colour correction routing.
Support for JL Cooper panel, MWA flashremote USB,
Tangent Devices
Programmable event notification (Tally, Message box, Beep, Text Overlay, GPIO).
Settings memories.
Settings automation by Cue points.
Automatic white balance.
Automatic colour balance.
Picture enhancement functions (Knee, Detail, Limiter).
Transport control: Wind, Shuttle, Play and Cue.
Colour bars.
Frame counter.
B&W scanning.
Blanking and Aspect Ratio Conversion.
Audio control: Balance, Volume, Channel routing.
Flashscan telecine machine the Flashtransfer Choice.
flashscan choice

 This flashscan telecine machine. Covers film formats 8mm and 16mm. It will also be available in a 4k resolution model.

Film formats standard: N8, S8, 16mm
Film formats optional: 9,5mm, 17,5mm, 28mm.
Flashing LED light source with adjustable colour.
Image sensor: IT-CCD 2336 x 1752 visible pixels.
Max scanning speed: 25fps.
Continuous motion film transport.
Laser registered film transport.
Sprocket-free film path.
Although the Flashscan telecine machines  are very good. I personally prefer the Tobin HD telecine machines. For build quality and reliability. And to my mind the Tobin telecine machines provide a more cinematic film look and less of a video feel to the scan.