Logmar Super 8 8mm camera

The Logmar Super 8 film camera is 8mm cine camera for todays world. If like me you find it frustrating that they seems to be less camera systems in the market place for people who love to shot film then this Logmar super 8 camera is a breath of fresh air.

Logmar super 8

Super 8 cameras stopped being made in the 1980’s. So to find reliable super 8 film cameras is becoming increasly difficult.

This is where the Danish company Logmar solutions has stepped in to hopefully fill a gap in the market. The father and son team of Tommy and Lasse have a 33 years age difference.   Tommy (63) background is similar to my fathers own consisting of working with Lathes and Mechanics. Lasse (33 ) has expertise in micro control systems. The Company was founded in 2009. Their motivation was to build a new super 8 camera for the growing number of  8mm film makers. Their first thought was to produce a 16mm film camera but Super 16 seems to be less popular than 8mm .

Logmar super 8 Camera film pressure plate.

On traditional 8mm cameras the film pressure plate is integral to the Kodak film cartridge. The Logmar creates a film loop within the camera to enable even pressure throughout the film transport. This produces a far more stable image similar to that of 35mm.

Many Indie filmmakers such as Sam Raimi, (and myself included) still love the look of Super 8 and believe that Apps such as 8mm for the iPhone and plugins for video editing software are very good, but you just can’t beat the look of the original 8mm film. With this in mind I hope that there is a market for a new 8mm film camera.

 super 8 filmmaker





super- 8-film-camera






Camera Features.

Built in Audio.

WIFI remote trigger.

Digital view finder.

Direct film path.


Video Out.

48v phantom power.

Time-lapse support.

NFC Ready.

Build’t in light meter.

Filming history in SD.

Aluminum body.

 For information about the Logmar super 8 film camera please visit Vimeo