New Kodak super 8mm camera

New Kodak super 8 camera.

new kodak super 8 camera

Fantastic news for us super 8 film shooters.

Kodak are bringing out a limited addition new Kodak super 8 camera.


Film Gauge: Super 8 (Extended Max-8 Gauge).
Film Load: Kodak Cartridges with 50ft (15m).
Variable Speed (9, 12, 18, 24, 25 fps) all with Crystal Sync.
Mount: C-Mount.
Fixed Ricoh 6mm 1.2, Optional 8-48mm Zoom Lens.
Manual Focus and Iris.
Viewfinder: 3.5″ Display with Standard Definition Input & Swivels +/- 45 Degrees.
Exposure Control: Built-in Light Meter for Supported Speeds of All Kodak Film Types, Manual Speed/Iris Settings.
Integrated Battery and Charger via Standard USB Wall Adapter.
Integrated Microphone.
Control Panel: Via 3.5″ TFT LCD.
Settings: Jog Wheel As User Interface.
Price: First Limited Edition — $400 – $750, Cheap Version Coming Later.

Buy Film, Processing, and Digital Transfer in One Step
Kodak plan to provide a super 8 film processing service. They will also provide a digital file with the processing service.. While Super 8mm processing is getting harder to find and more expensive,  It’s unclear what kind of scan they’d be doing, or whether it’s just a simple telecine, but a lot of this plan makes sense.Kodak will provide a service for their. New super 8 film camera. Whereby you send the film to them. They process it, then send you a password so you can download a digital file of the film. What scanning method they will use is unclear at this stage.

Logmar camera.

At the moment you can purchase the Logmar super 8 film camera which we covered on a previos blog post.


Uk Market.

At this stage I am not sure if Kodak will be servicing the UK when it comes to film processing. I hope this venture by Kodak is a success. With film directors such as JJ Arbams,Christopher Nolan and Stephen Spielberg. Backing film It shows that it must be still the gold standard for movie making even in the 21 st century.