Cassette tape to CD and MP3

Cassette tape to CD and MP3 AIFF .WAV PC and MAC audio formats.

For Sussex and the UK.
Not just another audio cassette tape to CD and MP3 service to digital. Since cassette decks are becoming rarer. Consequently its becoming more difficult to play back your old audio tapes. Audio cassette tapes also deteriorate with age. Let us transfer your audio cassette tapes onto CD. Or relevant digital audio formats. Such as MP3. Our transfers are carried out using the best possible professional Audio equipment. The audio cassette transfers are digitised to our, PC or Apple computers. In addition we use the correct bit rate and then checked for quality.

cassette tape to CD

Audio formats we transfer

Other relevant audio tape formats we convert. These Include DAT tape,  Reel to Reel to CD and Mini Disc to CD and digital formats.

Audio formats

Digital audio formats. Therefore If you wish we can provide your Audio Cassette Tape Transfer onto Computer files. Such as .WAV, AIFF, MP3. For PC and Apple Mac. In conclusion our audio services, Include the tape and disc formats listed below. All prices include VAT.

Cassette tape to CD prices

£15 Per hour of audio. Including the CD.

Cassette tapes to Digital prices

£15 per hour of audio to MP3, AIFF or WAV

Our cassette tape to CD transfer.
Our audio Cassette tape to CD transfers. Are carried out while using professional tape decks and high quality cables from QED.
Audio cassette tape copy to digital Hard disc.

If you especially want audio data files such as .wav or AIFF for Apple Mac computers. Then we can place them on an external hard drive, data DVD or flash memory card.

All our cassette tape to CD work is carried out in house. At our Sussex studios.
We only use TDK audio CD's. For the best possible compatibility and quality.
Audio cassette tape sizes.
Most noteworthy, audio cassette tapes came in various lengths. In conclusion the most common tape sizes are listed below.

C30. 30 minutes runtime.

C60. 60 minute runtime.

C90. 90 minute runtime.

C120. 120 minute runtime.