Reel to reel to CD and MP3.

Reel to Reel tape transfer CD, Mp3.

Open reel to reel tape transfer to digital.

VIP provide a complete Brighton, Seaford, Sussex and UK. Open Reel to Reel transfer to digital service.

Audio reel to reel transfer CD.

Our audio tape transfers. Are carried out using the best possible professional Audio equipment. The transfers are digitised to our Apple computers. At the correct bit rate and then checked for quality. Audio formats we transfer to CD include , Mini Disc and DAT tape.


Reel to reel to CD.

Video showing our Logic 7 reel to reel tape deck in action.

For ultimate Audio Reel to Reel transfer CD or MP3 quality. Our machines are maintained by Geoff Kremer.

Why we use Ferrograph machines for your audio tape conversions.

Article by Geoff Kremer.

Notes on Ferrograph

The Ferrograph tape recorder is, in my opinion, one of the finest sounding Open Reel machines ever made. The series 7 generation has had a rather bad press due to the rubber parts melting. On the Seven, the head pressure pads causing problems. All these troubles are easily rectified and once serviced and properly set up the Ferrograph will out perform just about any machine you care to mention.

Video Image Productions also provide a cassette tape cd digital conversion service.

For Audio reel transfer CD machine repairs please visit.


reel to reel transfer CD

Reel to reel to CD and MP3 digital prices.

£25 for the first hour then £15 per hour of audio.

Audio Reel to reel transfer CD, MP3 speeds

3¾ in/s 9.53 cm/s

7½ in/s19.05 cm/s

15 in/s (38.1 cm/s)

Reel to Reel transfer. Please note.
If you wish we can provide your reel to reel tape Transfer onto Computer audio files such as .WAV, AIFF, MP3. This allows you to make up your own CD's or MP3 files for playback on devises like MP3 players.

The higher the tape speed the better the sound.

For me the ultimate sound listening experience is reel to reel tape. I have a reel to reel audio tape recording of Frank Sinatra from 1962. Every time customers visit our studio I play the tape. The audio quality still blows people away.