Video editing services.

Video Editing Services.

Sussex, Brighton, UK.

Post Production.

Video Image Productions provide a Sussex based video editing service .

We utilise Apple and Windows based PC digital computer workstations to edit your Digital footage.

Once the footage is captured into our edit suite, we can create multiple layers add green screen or blue screen special effects.

Using our Cine film transfer HD video system, we then edit Standard 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film.

video editing services


Video post production service.

We are experienced in providing video to DVD transfer and editing services UK for Broadcast video productions as well as corporate video productions and film shorts. Our video editing system can edit 4K, Full HD and SD video footage.

Digital video editing formats we work with.

Video editing software we use is Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier CC. Video formats Include. Apple ProRes, AVI, Mpeg 4 Mpeg 2 Quicktime iPhone, iPad, Red, Apple TV, Youtube, Vimeo. 2K and 4K.

For video to DVD and digital video.

Video Tape based formats we work with.

Digital 8, Video 8, VHS, S-VHS, Hi8, Beta-SP, DVCAM, Mini DV, HDV.

We also provide video camera crew hire.

All our video editing services UK. And Cine film to video. Footage is captured using Uncompressed HDMI. Via Black Magic Design hardware. To our Apple work station video editing suites. Therefore creating truly professional videos.

k Ultra HD

Cine transfer digital.

Once your cine transfer DVD has been converted to a digital format. We can then edit your cine films on Mac or PC and encode the footage to DVD or Blu Ray discs. Another available option is HD files for uploading to the Internet. For this service we only charge £30 per 30 minutes of footage.

We can work with part edited footage to complete your project.



Rate £25 per hour.

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