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DVD duplication services, copy Prices.

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DVD video uses Mpeg 2 video encoding. Video Image Productions can encode video tape formats such as Beta-SP through to HDV, DVCAM to Mpeg-2 standard. Then using DVD authoring software we can add menus. Background music and custom graphics.

dvd duplication services

DVD duplication services copy prices per disc.

1-50 copies £2 per copy.

51- 99 copies £1.80 per copy.

100-299 copies £1.50 per copy.

300 -499 copies £1.40 per copy.

500-999 copies £1.20 per copy.

We also provide a direct to DVD. Full colour face printing service.

cine film to dvd

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DVD Duplication services. UK.

Case Study: A local Museum in Sussex came to us with a public information video. Showing the re building of Seaford`s sea defences. Due to the age of the video the Museum felt that it needed to be transferred to a digital format. It was on a high band analogue video tape format called S-VHS. Seaford Museum wanted us to ultise our video encoding skills. To convert their original video production master video to DVD to be shown at the Museum. Also DVD copies were made to be available for the public to buy. Video Image Productions converted the S-VHS tape from analogue format to DVCAM digital video format. From there the digital footage was captured onto the computers hard disc. Through our video editing software. Whilst in the editing suite, the video and audio were cleaned. Once we were happy with the finished look, the video was encoded into Mpeg-2 video format for DVD authoring. Seaford Museum have also used us for cine film to DVD transfer services.

DVD library cases.

We supply Amary DVD library cases. To order please ring for details.

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