Cine film conversion prices

Cine film Conversion to DVD and digital, prices are Ex VAT.

No setup costs, Volume discount available.


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Free film cleaning √
Free splice repair.√
No setup costs.√

ft kodak cine reel
ft cine reel kodak
cine film to dvd

50ft reels 3 Inch


1-10 reels £7 per reel

11-20 reels £6.50 per reel

21 plus reels £6 per reel



200ft reels 5 Inch


1-10 reels £22 per reel

11-20 reels £20 per reel

21 plus reels £18 per reel

400ft reels 7 Inch 


1-10 reels £40 per reel

11-20 reels £35 per reel

21 plus reels £30 per reel

Cine film conversion to DVD prices.

DVD with chapters, library case and full colour direct to disc face printing.

Add £9

DVD copies.

Including full colour direct to disc face printing and library case. Please note DVD copies are high quality Verbatim DVD-R.

Add £6 per copy.

gold archive DVD

Let us work out the cost for you.

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Transfer Cine to Digital.

There is no extra charge for cine conversion to Digital formats. Video formats PC AVI files and MPEG 4, Pro RES, Quicktime H.264 files.

Information about 50ft Standard 8 cine reels.

Cine film conversion facts.

The Standard 8 cine film reels may have 25ft marked on the original boxes. This is because the film was split down the middle at the Kodak lab to make the final reel 50ft in length.


video editing services
mm film to USB

We also provide a cine film to USB stick option. You can provide your own USB stick or we can buy them in for you. Please note that we recommend USB 3 speed.

Helpful Hints: DVD option: Once your Cine film conversion to DVD is completed There are a variety of ripping software packages available at very reasonable prices.
This software enables the user to extract tracks from the DVD.
Once extracted the user can import the files into programs such as Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro. You can now edit, add music, graphics etc.
The finished edited footage can be burnt to DVD if you have a DVD writer.