Cine to digital.

Cine to Digital film scanning

We provide a cine to digital transfer service.

We will convert your old cine reels to digital files. Especially for your home computer. Or viewing on your smart TV. Furthermore we can transfer 8mm and 16mm cine film to USB stick.

However In addition to whether you are using Apple Mac or PC computers most of all we will provide the correct video format for you. All films are cleaned by us before scanning.

cine to digital

Relevant Digital video editing formats. Explained for 8mm cine convert digital for HD video.

Smart TV

Cine to Digital. Your 8mm films on a Mac or PC Sussex.

First of all the Windows PC platform.

Most of all AVI is an ideal computer file format for PC users. To edit your own cine film on home computer.

Most noteworthy AVI (Audio Video Interleave). Is a container format with codecs that also offer different types of compression. Because we edit super 8 and standard 8 films on PC's and Mac's. We consequently know the correct codec for editing, particularly on your PC and Mac.

Relevant hint AVI file size.

When we convert cine to digital to avi. The file size therefore works out to be 900mb per 50ft of cine film. This consequently produces by and large the best Image quality to file size ratio.

Link to video of us scanning cine film to PC.

Apple Mac platform.

Using Apple Mac computers we can consequently convert 8mm film to Pro Res files. Which will therefore work in Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.

video editing quicktime

Hard drive or memory or flash drive?

Why not have VIP scan your 8mm cine film to USB stick or  to an external hard drive. Furthermore you can provide us with your own USB sticks or we can buy them in for you. If you wish to have your cine to digital transfer on external Hard drive you can supply the drive. Or we can buy an external drive in for you.

cine convert digital
16mm film

For 16mm to digital transfer 

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