Video to DVD and Digital video.

Video to DVD transfer

Video Image Productions provides a Sussex and UK nationwide service video to DVD and digital video formats conversion service.

Don’t let your old video tapes sit around collecting dust. Let Video Image Productions transfer your video to DVD or digital formats. A quality transfer is ensured. Because all our video machines are professional quality. 

In addition we also supply a video copy to Memory Card. Or Blu Ray Disc service. Maybe you require your videos to be copied to digital video files.

Video Tape Formats.

As well as VHS tape transfer to DVD and digital video formats. Video Image Productions. Transfers the following video tape formats.

VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV, Beta-SP, Digital Betacam, DVCAM.

video to DVD

For Pro video formats.

Video tape transfer digital video formats.

If you especially wish to have your video tapes converted to digital video files. For computer editing or viewing. Furthermore we transfer video tapes to the following digital video formats. Apple Quicktime. AVI. MPEG 4. Apple Pro Res, and H.264.


Video tape to USB Stick

Picture quality.

Finally all our VHS copy DVD and video tape conversions go through digital Time Base correctors. This consequently helps to stabilise the picture and sound.

All video is captured using Black Magic Design equipment. This ensures the high quality video capture.

vhs copy dvd

Video tape to DVD transfer prices.

£15 per hour of footage Including the DVD and Library case.

Video tape to Digital video prices.

£15 per hour of footage Storage media not Included.

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Please remember. In conclusion there are many companies providing a video transfer service. Most noteworthy we are a video production company. In conclusion VIP are not somebody with an old VCR transferring video tapes as a sideline.

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