Betacam transfer to DVD

Betacam transfer DVD, and digital video formats.

Video Image Productions provide a Digital Betacam and Beta-SP tape transfer service.

Betacam transfer dvd

About Betacam transfer DVD.

Betacam was the professional go to video tape format relevant for news and television programmes. 
Betacam is a half-inch professional video tape format. Which is therefore housed in a videocassette. It was especially developed by Sony in 1982. 

Betacam SP is an analog component video system. By having the separate red, green and blue channels separated provided the end user with another broadcast video format. Storing the luminance, "Y", in one track and the chrominance, on another track.

Beta SP tape conversion

Digital Betacam.

Sony Digital BetacamFirst came out in 1993. It records digitally onto magnetic half Inch video tape. Up until the advent of HD video. Finally Digital Betacam was considered the gold standard of video production.

Betacam SX

Betacam SX was a digital version of beta-sp. Launched in 1996 most of all as a more affordable alternative version of Digital Betacam.


This video tape format came out in 2001. it used H.262. Mpeg2 compression.

Our Betacam & Digital Betacam transfer to DVD and digital process.

All our Beta-SP and other Betacam formats are transferred using Black Magic design hardware. This gives a broadcast quality conversion. All transfers are through digital connections to finally retain picture quality. Our Beta decks utilise an SDI digital connection which therefore embeds the audio into the picture signal.


For Beta to digital video transfers. You can supply an external hard drive. Or we can buy in a drive for you. For smaller jobs that require less disk space. A USB flash drive can be used to store your digital video files. Finally the same options apply for video to DVD transfer of VHS tapes.


Betacam transfer DVD and digital video.

£25 per 30 mins. Of all Beta video tape formats to DVD or digital video files.

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