Cine film transfer video samples.

Please note the quality of these cine film transfer video. Our Kodak film transfer examples are greatly reduced from our original scan. Due to the compression needed for viewing on Youtube and Vimeo.

Right is an example of one of our DVD menu systems.

cine film transfer video
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Cine film transfer video. Facts.


Kodak Standard 8 shot in the 1960's

Please note that we can also process your 8mm transfer but only the following Kodak formats

Kodak 64T

Kodak 100d

Kodak 50D

Kodak vision 500T

Methods of transfer

Filming the wall.

There are many methods of transferring you cine film to DVD and video. the worst of these is projecting the 8mm onto a wall and then filming the picture with a camcorder. Not only will this produce a flickering image but the centre of the picture will be brighter than the outside. As with our video tape to DVD transfer we only use broadcast professional equipment.

Telecine machines

There are a few telecine machines on the market some of them scan each frame of the cine film (frame by frame scanning). others scan the film in real time.

Our cine film transfer video system scans each frame of your 8mm and 16mm film to DVD home movies in real time using a diffused LED cold light source. The 8mm and 16mm film is captured via uncompressed HDMI using our Black Magic Design.Thunderbolt Interface capture hardware to Black Magic Media Express software. From there we edit cine film transfer video in Apples Final Cut X or Adobe Premier CC. At very high quality bit rates of 50 mega bits per second as laid down by BBC guide lines for HD broadcast standards.

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