Tobin 8mm telecine machine cine scanning

Tobin 8mm telecine machine.

tobin 8mm telecine machine

Tobin TST-8 Strobe Transfer for Dual-8 Silent Film

Advanced High Definition Model

 Tobin 8mm telecine machine.

High Productivity. The “Strobin’ Tobin” captures to computer file at 18-20 FPS(frames per second,) or 15 feet per minute, about real time. 

Better Color.  The TST-8 has an improved spectrum LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source with 70% to 80% CRI (color rendering index) or higher.

Bright Strobe Light. Brighter than sunlight, the concentrated light source enables a super-short typical 20 microsecond (1/50,000 second) exposure time, 50 microseconds (1/20,000 second) maximum, for “freezing” the moving film with no noticeable blur compared to scanning motionless film. The light is diffused to reduce the visibility of film scratches and emulsion flaws, with virtually no IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) components to heat or fade the film images.

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Tobin 8mm telecine machine. 

Reliable Triggering. A dedicated separate light source and photocell senses sprocket holes, so the camera triggering is normally unaffected by altering the picture exposure, color and contrast settings, which is a constant problem on some competing units. The LED blue color is also selected for minimal disturbance by commonly encountered yellow and orange edge fog in regular-8 film, and maximum output signal from the orange mask in your experiments with super-8 color negative. With a critical Sensor knob adjustment you can even scan positive prints that have an almost clear film edge.


Higher Resolution. The standard camera offers 1280 x 960 pixels (1.33 Megapixels.) We use higher resolution than is typical with the PHD machines since some detail is cropped out in editing when you choose the format and framing. 

High Definition capture to your AVI computer file. Viewing and recording software for Windows is included free of charge and also can be downloaded or transferred free. Frame by frame scanning. The new software version 3.06 permits virtually unlimited Uncompressed or MJPEG compressed files using AVI 2.0 and also remembers the camera Trigger and I/O settings, unlike prior versions.


Tobin 8mm telecine machine.

           NOTE: We recommend that the user be highly computer literate. You provide a modern Windows Intel 32 or 64 bit dual-core computer with USB2 jack, install the software, and enter multiple camera and image settings per the instructions provided. Your separate editing or mastering system (not included) is used to control the final frame rate, cropping and scaling of the image file and convert it to the desired Blu-Ray or DVD disc format.

Enlarged aperture captures both super-8 and regular-8 silent formats plus a small part of the adjacent film frames, so you can adjust the framing, centering and desired area in your editing program. The ultimate video format (HD, NTSC or PAL) and playback speed is chosen later in your editing or mastering program. The optical system employs the same well proven superior resolution 1:1 macro lens and camera type as the “brutally sharp” PHD models. 

Format change to regular-8 now requires just flipping the new Regular-Super switch between the sensing photocells, and swapping the Supply reel spindle. In editing, you select the area of interest and the framing.

No sprockets, claws, cams or intermittent shuttle parts to wear out. No belts or slipping clutches to wear out. All new parts. No film loops to lose. Three motors, one with built-in reduction gears, for simple mechanical design. Soft rubber rollers positively advance the film without slipping or scratching, and with no need for reel tension adjustments. High speed rewind function bypasses the film drum and rollers. You can intermix regular-8 and super-8 on the same reel by flipping the Sensor switch, and adjust the size and position later. Leader can have the wrong perforations, or even be unperforated. Reel capacity is 400 feet (7″) low torque style, 600 feet maximum, eliminating the need for reel tension sensing adjustments. A running hours counter is included for reference. Film footage length if needed can be calculated from the number of frames in the file. Super-bright light source is run at only around 1/1000 of its continuous power rating so it should last for a multiple (1000x perhaps?) of its rated full-power life of 50,000 hours. The TST is used in normal room light. Operation is on universal power of 100 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz AC through a detachable IEC computer-type power cord. A computer data cable is also supplied. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. 

Tobin 8mm telecine machine. Article from Tobin telecine website.